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Healthy Homes

Rangehood Installation & Bathroom Extractor Fan Installation

The healthy homes standards introduce specific and minimum standards for heating, ventilation and moisture in rental properties and are expected to be met by 1st July 2021 - are you compliant?

We specialise in heat pumps, kitchen rangehood installation and bathroom extractor fan installation in Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu & surrounding areas to ensure your rental property meets the Healthy Homes standards.

We are able to offer something different as we are able to vent both rangehoods and extractor fans out through the roof (or soffit) as the straight run out the roof is more effective from a ventilation perspective. It also prevents the ducting being crushed and damaged as it runs out to the soffitt. We are able to match a roof flashing with your roof profile to ensure a tidy finish.

For more information follow this link to the Tenancy Services page with more detail on what is required: www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes?

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