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EV charger installation in Hamilton and the Waikato

With electric cars becoming more popular and much cheaper to maintain and run, why not make the jump to a fully electric car? Connect Electrical are specialists in EV charger installation in Hamilton and the Waikato. We provide ffficient & reliable installation of wallbox ev charger, Tesla wall charger, Schneider EVlink, ABB Terra AC Wallbox, and other leading brands.

We can supply and install EV charging systems for your home or business. Our electricians will walk you through the whole process of installing, operating, and maintaining your EV charging station.


First, we will do a house inspection to determine the ideal location of the EV charger and if your home has an adequate power supply to support the station, as well as whether adjustments to your switchboard are required. We will then provide you with a quote and if you wish to proceed then our electricians will install your new electric vehicle charger following all New Zealand Norms and Regulations.

Connect Electrical can help with:

  • Wallbox EV Chargers
  • Tesla Wall Connector
  • Schneider EVlink
  • ABB Terra AC Wallbox