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SmartVent Home Ventilation Systems & SmartVent Installation

We put you in charge of the weather indoors.

If you’d like to change the ambient temperature and air quality inside your home or office, you can do so easily, using our SmartVent home ventilation systems.

There’s literature galore out there about the benefits of a dry, warm home or workplace. It’s vital not only for your well-being but also for the preservation of your interior structures and fittings.

SmartVent provides cleaner, drier air, filtered and distributed throughout your home, helping to regulate temperature and reduce window condensation.

Connect Electrical are authorised consultants and installers of SmartVent and we are keen to talk to you about this functional and cost-effective system today.

Police Checks

We work on many high trust locations such as schools which means we conduct police checks on all of our staff.

Vaccine Status

All of our team members are fully vaccinated and are happy to produce vaccine passports upon request.